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iPhone business going great, iPad not so much

The quarterly reports for Apple businesses have just rolled in and it seems that while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus business is soaring, the iPad is lagging behind with continuously falling sales and revenues. That doesn’t mean that the iPhone and iPad sales combined didn’t make Apple rich this quarter, though.

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KnowTechie2805d ago

I wonder how much of a hit iPhone sales are going to take this holiday season due to the fact they can't produce fast enough.

Devil-X2805d ago

No need to worry about sales, I am sure they are already making billions out there already.

alb18992805d ago

The sells of iPads down is something logic. With a new iPhone with 5.5" is clear that once you have one of this you won't buy an iPad. Plus this new iPad didn bring something new to consider a change.

iamnsuperman2804d ago

Actually it is a problem with all tablets. People buy one then use them for years (until it breaks or needs to be replaced). Nothing to do with the iphone but the lack of a major update wouldn't have helped the new ipad

ChrisW2804d ago

Exactly, my wife has the original 1st-Gen iPad and she uses it every day. When I asked her if she wanted one of the newer ones for Christmas this year, she simply said, "Why? The one I have works perfectly fine!"

SilentNegotiator2804d ago

Well, you can subsidize an iPhone with a 2 year contract and get it at a somewhat competitive price. But the iPads are just incredibly overpriced next to android and even windows tablets.

bahabeast2804d ago

galaxy tab s is alot better than the ipad IMO even though i dnt like samsung too tough id buy a galaxy tab s over a ipad

Chard2804d ago

Competing tablets offer proper stylus support. This is a big deal for creative people like digital artists. Apple seems reluctant to embrace this demographic, which is frustrating.