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Sony Xperia Z4 specs, camera, release date leaked

We didn’t even get a chance to take in the new Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3V launch of last week, yet rumors about a new Sony Xperia Z4 are already piling up. Sony had said previously that it would be continuing the 6 month launch circle, as it had done with the Xperia Z2 and Z3, and according to that statement, we should be prepared to see an Xperia Z4 in April or May 2015.

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gunnerforlife2429d ago

if this phone is a win (hell i am in love with Z3) it will be my next phone! i am done with samsung.

IRetrouk2429d ago

The note 4 is amazing mate, u should try n get a hold of one to play with

Mr_cheese2429d ago

just got the z3 compact and it is brilliant! Been an iphone users for the past 2 years and i'm unsure if I would go back after using the z3

Devil-X2428d ago

4 gigs of ram along with SD 810 64bit could well be a N6 killer if priced right.

jukins2428d ago

Sony do the right thing and get this out on the right carriers at launch. . . If they really want to succeed with mobile thats where you start.

xTheMercenary_2423d ago

Damn just put a contract for the note 4 as my contract has finished. This phone is one heck of a beauty though, anyone who buys it will definitely enjoy it.