Nexus 6 broke my heart!

Many argue that a screen size of 6 inches is a deal breaker, but one should also consider that a price of $650 for a Nexus doesn't make sense either.

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Speed-Racer2432d ago

Yup. I was a diehard Nexus fan but now I'm saving up for an Xperia.

umarsrao2432d ago

Same here I loved the Nexus but not anymore just because of the high price tag!

mohsin25962432d ago

Nexus 6 was meant to be the last nexus device they should have kept it cheap. Oneplus one was a wise choice to buy.

johny52431d ago

OnePlus One is the perfect choice between size and price! For a phone it's the best choice currently and hopefully that won't change with OnePlus Two!

nix2431d ago

i have xperia C3 and it's 5.5 which i already feel is too big. that 6 inch screen and that price is way too much.

umarsrao2431d ago

That's right! The screen is huge but motorola did their best to make it as compact as possible. The main deal breaker is that $649 price tag!

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