Apple Retains Top Spot As The Most Valuable Brand In The World

Apple has emerged the most valuable brand, for the second time in a row.

The company is valued at $119 billion, a 21% increment over last year's valuation. Google also retained its second position, and its valued at $197 billion.

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proudly_X2407d ago

Apple getting into the news for great things lately, a couple of days ago, it entered into the list of global PC makers and now, it retains its crown...

Goodbye #bendgate and #hairgate :D

eferreira2406d ago

Just got the iphone 6 plus and its pretty great. Goodbye iphone 4.

Pillsbury12406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

There is a reason why people love apple and it's phones: no fragmentation which means everything is stable and just works and apples simple but ingenious design philosophy.

Inb4 people just call me a fanboy, yes I am a fanboy because there products just work. 1st gen iPhones today are still more solid than some other phones out now.

Kribwalker2406d ago

Sony still dropping....PS4 not saving that disaster

Speed-Racer2406d ago

The only reason they're on top is because people are forking out their cash like donations in a church for an overpriced device.

SaffronCurse2406d ago

People somehow just feel the need to upgrade each year.

itisallaboutps2406d ago

Not just that. Youngsters that have money saved up will invest into apple raising up the stock price. Not knowing that they missed the bus long ago. Especially now that android is competing a bit more now