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Samsung’s Mobile Future Is Falling Apart And Why It Should Be Scared

It is no longer business as usual for the South Korean major, the once dominant market-share it held in the mobile markets has dropped sharply. Worse still, Samsung has announced its profits for the third-quarter would decrease by about 60% and sales equally falling by 20% in comparison to the same period last year.

proudly_X3544d ago

Nokia was able to survive a decade and one year, can Samsung mobile survive half that period?

JamshiJack3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

we will have to wait and see... however in the wake of new smartphone manufacturers the company gotta worry and do something about it. Now there are several alternatives to these big brands and they also offer better specifications and design for an affordable price and people are no more worried of new companies they just accept it because users are getting more and more aware of technology and specifications and this big brand game and exploitation may no longer work....

KnowTechie3543d ago

I think they will. The reason why they're not doing so great is because they have so many damn phones. Literally, they're dropping new phones week after week. It just confuses the market.

zeal0us3543d ago

Too much wasteful spending on too many galaxy variants that's not selling.

PR_FROM_OHIO3543d ago

I guess spending all that money for those commercials attacking APPLE hasn't paid off huh??

ashcroft3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Similar to how Apple was attacking PC? I guess they gave that up didn't they? I mean if you're gonna try to sway people to your software you might as well instill confidence and not provide a way to use windows on a mac.

If you need to spend over $2000 on a mac to use bootcamp, you can save about 1200 for a laptop of the same specs.

What goes around comes around.

Gondee3543d ago

Sorry sir, but that was ignorant.

ProjectVulcan3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Problem is their newer Galaxy S models are now too expensive and gimmicky. They don't stand out nearly as well as the previous models. They are bloated, with the kitchen sink thrown at it rather than useful features.

The competition is fierce and whereas everyone used to know the next Galaxy S would be great, now they know it'll be a plasticky over specced, under supported buggy mess.

Focus on making the SGS6 powerful but slinky, and streamline all that crap and gumpf you dump on top of android that everybody basically hates after about a week.

Get it the latest updates fast, give it great software support for at least 3 years. It's not rocket science.

windblowsagain3543d ago

I don't mind Samsung bloat. Some of it is useful.

I do put custom firmwares on.

But I hate Cm mod, UI is so ugly.

As for phones themselves. Touch screen games are poor. They need real controls.

Camera's have got better, but 4k for most is pointless atm.

More cores are not needed and GPU's are strong enough now.

There needs to be a massive change to warrant me getting any other phone now.

bahabeast3543d ago

sony htc nokia one plus alcatel and lots more. are all competitors and in my opinion make better phones those cheap plastic phones that go bad nobody wants.

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