Lenovo Yoga 2-830, 2-1050 and 2 Pro 1380 Tablets to be unveiled at October 9 Event

Techprezz: Lenovo is preparing to launch a new series of Yoga tablets this week with 8, 10, and 13 inch displays. The devices include both Android and Windows versions. Even though reports had already been out, details regarding specs were scarce.Luckily more details have started to emerge about its new tablets and convertibles.

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proudly_X1687d ago

Lenovo have been doing great things with the Yoga division lately.. I still remember Yogo tablet that was designed to stand on it's own.. That was epic, but I have a feeling this would be great as well..

JamshiJack1686d ago

Yup Lenovo has gained a huge market share in the computer business and it has also expanded its smartphone offering with better specification for relatively affordable price....