WhatsApp Acquisition Price Tag Increases To $22 Billion

The final price tag of WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook has emerged, following the closure of Facebook Inc [FB.O] for same purpose on Monday.

proudly_X3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

For me, Social Media stocks are simply overpriced..

ironfist923345d ago

I cant wait till the day Facebook collapses under itself. Makes all these billion dollar acquisitions laughable and pathetic.

Ogygian3345d ago

Most overpriced major acquisition of the 21st century.


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12d ago

WhatsApp Introduces Passwordless Login: Here's How to Activate It

WhatsApp Boosts Android Security and User Experience with Passwordless Login, Eliminating Two-Factor SMS. Here's How to Activate It.

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21d ago

WhatsApp has a new “HD” button

No more blurry photos on WhatsApp.

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