Google Responds to Lawsuit Threat Over Celebrity Nude Photo Hack

On the heels of a $100 million lawsuit threat over a celebrity nude photo hack, Google has released a statement deriding the photo leaks.

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SnakeCQC2413d ago

Why is google responsible for an apple vulnerability?

SouthClaw2413d ago

They claim its because Google owns YouTube and of course Google Accounts where people are storing them Google hasn't done enough to stop / close accounts.

Lets be honest it is because 99% of people go to Google to search "fappening". That is the real reason. While yeah its annoying whats happened to these women. I don't agree with Google censoring everything that is seemed to be "bad". Google is meant to be an open search where you can find what you want not what Google/corporate lawyers want you to find.

Yes Google should suspend accounts that hold the files as they are illegal files but don't cut searches its just wrong.

xer02412d ago

I should add that google is censoring and filtering on a massive scale, compared to 5 years ago.

Anymore filtering, then the service may as well be dead to me.

Kurylo3d2412d ago

This is why i use yahoo... they get the same exact search results... except on yahoo you actually can see the result and not some take down notice that google gives you from the government.

TripOdd2413d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Agreed. Whilst I believe that the leak was despicable & totally sympathise would those who have had their privacy invaded, Google is not the responsible party & appears to be doing all they can to keep the pictures off the sites they own. Although I do believe that searches should most be definitely be restricted (NOBODY has the right to steal private images & spread them for some asshole wankers to get off on), Google doesn't own the internet, or the service the pictures were stolen from, were not involved in the theft and yet, despite doing what they can, are being targeted simply because those who are actually responsible might be difficult to catch. It seems to be getting harder and harder to have any respect for the 'Justice' system in the US.

SilentNegotiator2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Where has the justice system failed here? The story just seems to be about the THREAT of legal action.

Baka-akaB2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I have some issue here with the dismissal . When the law bending to corporate will MAKES Google erase movie , musics , games and books related pirate links and search engine , it's all dandy and they do comply , even when dragging their feet .

But when it's a bunch of people whose privacy is endangering , now they take a moral highground and neutral stance ?

badz1492412d ago

dumb celebrities took their nude pictures and saved them online on an Apple's service, got hacked but blame and try to sue Google, not Apple. their dumbness knows no limit and I'm surprised they are not suing the all internet providers because they offer internet to people!

Devil-X2407d ago

@kurylo3d yahoo does not give very relevant search results compared to google imo.

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Hold_It2412d ago

Lol Kirsten Dunst is high priority? She is pretty ugly and why anyone would want to look at her is beyond me. It's funny how Jennifer Lawrence tries to say she doesn't care but tries to sue. Based on the pictures in the files, she should be doing pornography and not live action movies.

masterfox2412d ago

I have to agree, I will never watch Jennifer Lawrence the same way lol.

zerog2412d ago

I think the real issue is these stupid celebrities themselves. If you're going to take a picture of your junk or getting down why would you leave it somewhere where its vunerable anyway? If you're famous enough for people to google you then yeah theres going to be people out there trying to get their hands on everything they can about you. When you have that much money how hard can it be to just incript this stuff or get better security or at the very least just put the crap on a thumb drive that can be unplugged and stuck in the safe with your jewelry? Don't go blaming other people. If you take a photo or video you don't want anyone else to see then its your own fault if others see it, one for taking it in the first place and two for not protecting it. For celebs this is the equivilent of the average person snapping some polaroids and leaving them laying on there coffe table. Sure most people would never know they're there but when that pervert comes peeping toming fron down the street he done hit the jackpot.

ChrisW2412d ago

Wouldn't it be nice if Google could counter sue those celebrities for allowing to have nude photos taken of them?

It'd be a nice little smack in the face full of "there wouldn't be such a problem if you weren't so stupid!"

DarkBlood2412d ago

Your suggesting they be sued for the act of having thier picture taken that is of free will and personal rights otherwise wouldn't have if they didn't want too. That doesn't quite make sense

ChrisW2412d ago

"...otherwise wouldn't if they didn't want to?"

Read your post a couple times and then get back to me if you feel that something doesn't quite make sense.

Oh, and of course I'm being sarcastic in my initial comment! DERP!

nirwanda2412d ago

Would it be right to sue a newspaper for reporting anyone breaking the law, or would you sue the person who broke the law.

Jihaad_cpt2412d ago

America is fucked up if Google get sued over this shit

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