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8 Best Linux Distributions of 2014 (All Hail the Almighty Penguin)

A compilation of the best linux distributions of 2014. Feel free to comment on what you thought glaringly wrong, amazingly right, or stupidly dumb. Whatever it is, you are sure to find some of the best Linux Distributions within this article.

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StealthTactics2416d ago

Uhhhhh why isin't OpenSuse on this list? And come on, Gentoo totally beats out all of these distributions combined.

Nubix2232416d ago

What do you like OpenSUSE for??????? and Arch > Gentoo

Nubix2232416d ago

Good article, not sure why Fubuntu isin't on the list ><... and seriously Deepin? But Arch is definitely amazing

KingPin2414d ago

i dont know why everyone is asking why wasnt X disto in the list.

thats the great thing about linux. there are so many out there, everyone is catered for. this article is just one guys opinion. the ones he listed are for his tastes and needs in a distro, it doesnt mean his list is 100% definitive and if you using anything else you're a tool.

if you are happy with the distro you are using, then clearly you are using the "best" one.