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Meet the first 4K monitor with G-sync, which comes with $799 price tag

So here is it guys the first 4K monitor that supports the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology the 28” Acer XB280HK and hell is this not beautiful? So many of you probably can’t stop staring at it, but here you should know the specifications too.

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Software_Lover2309d ago

799 isn't "too bad". I wish it was atleast 32 inches though. I understand it's a Monitor and not a television.

Satish132309d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean 32" would be nice, likewise the higher resolution on a smaller screen just gives a better "retina" effect. But I guess that depends on your viewing distance anyways. Either way, its nice to see UHD with better tech.

ngecenk2309d ago

yeah but 4K in a 28"?
I can barely notice my pixels in a full hd 27", do we really need that?

Software_Lover2309d ago

I agree. I have an 0ld I-INC 28" 1200p monitor that I game on and a 27" 1440p that I use on my recording setup. I can say that with recording, I can notice the pixel difference because I can get more objects and mixer channels on screen, but I switch to 1080p sometimes on my gaming rig and can't tell that much of a difference.

Scenarist2309d ago

lol the reason i want one or 2 is for my recording setup ... more mixer channels + additional things on screen.i find it cool that you said that and i was thinking it before reading the comments. but of course i will use it for gaming too

Tiqila2308d ago

my 15" laptop has full hd resolution, the same as my 24" monitor of my desktop PC. I would not want anything below 1920x1080 on 24".

johny52309d ago

I heard Seiki is coming out with Pro monitor's in the beginning of the year, featuring Display Port 1.3 in 32" and 40" sizes! It should be possible to run 4k@120hz at very cheap prices!!!

Codey472308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Some users are still under the impression that 4K is £$4000.
When in reality LG's 49 inch 49UB850V 3d smart TV(with 2 pair of glasses) is sub £1000 in the UK.