China market: SSD prices drop sharply, say memory module makers

Digitimes: SSD (solid-state drive) prices in the China market have drastically fallen, with prices for a 128GB model dropping to US$50-55 and those for a 256GB model to below US$100, according to Taiwan-based memory module makers.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2310d ago

I don't really understand why SSD prices are more expensive than magnetic hard drives to begin with. One has moving parts why the others don't. Seems like the one with more parts would cost more but it's the other way around.

neoragex2306d ago

128GB for $50 means $2.56/GB not 50c/GB. That might be true for greater capacity drives. LoL, I wish I could buy GB per cents individually xD

neoragex2306d ago

128GB for $50 comes out to 39 cents per GB.

If a 128GB drive cost $2.56/GB then it wouldn't be $50. It'd be $327.68

Sahil2306d ago

LoL, I don't know why I calculated it wrong! I always consider the relation as GB per dollar not dollar per GB. But you and Paul are right (reading Paul's words again) he said 50 cents per gigabyte.

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