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Robert from The Gamers Lounge writes "Apple's new flagship phone is here, but this marks the first time they have entered the "Phablet" market. Everyone is wondering just how well Apple will fare against the tough competition of Samsung, Motorola, LG, and the like. Can Tim Cook's new iPhone live up to it's pedigree?"

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eferreira2310d ago

Cant wait, should be getting mine any day now

SirBradders2310d ago

All I got from that review was the phone looks a feels great they added widgets and new keyboards and a health app.

Sashamaz2310d ago

Do people use all the extra stuff that phones offer them, Besides the usual games, facebook etc everything else is just for show.

thecowsaysmoo2310d ago

Will get the regular iPhone 6 soon enough.

bahabeast2310d ago

Now that it's bending what' the review score ?? People are actually defending saying oh it's a big phone soo should get a case like it's not a design flaw.

pompous2310d ago

I know right. How come the Samsung Note 4 which is bigger than the new iphone6 and doesn't bend or how about Sony's phablet that is 6.5 inches and doesn't bend.. Apple cutting corners finally caught up to them... That's all. They are even having major issues with the new ios that is dropping peoples calls, yes the operating system is causing dropped calls, not an antenna issue this time.

Sashamaz2310d ago

Besides the video of the guy using force to bend his phone I have not seen any evidence of people whose phone actually bent in their pocket. Also people who put their phones in their back pocket have issues.

Tiqila2310d ago

a 5/5 sounds a bit high to me for a phone with last years hardware and a serious bending issue. iPhones were always rock solid smartphones, so I don't get why their newest installment is of such low build quality. Besides that, one very important feature of a smartphone these days is the camera. Can't believe the iphone gets away with a 8MP camera getting a 5/5 score... then there is the price tag which is ridiculous, but I guess thats for the brand more than the product.

caseh2310d ago

Welcome to Appleville, where the orchards are always ripe with people who can't be parted with their money fast enough.

Yay look at all the new features that are already available elsewhere and have been for years, take my money...TAKE IT

eferreira2310d ago

Old tech you say but the benchmarks outpreform most phones. Higher mega pixels doesnt always mean a better camera. If you did some research you'd see why.

pompous2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Sorry, but the camera part is false, bud. The htc one has 5 mega pixel and puts out better pictures than phones with double mega pixels. Sony's 13 mega pixel puts out better photos than Nokia 48 mega pixel windows phone.. So Just like caseh has said mega pixel doesn't always determine better pic quality on phones. IF we're talking actual cameras then your claim holds more weight..

Tiqila2310d ago

but you sure an 8MP camera will make better pictures than the 20MP of the current lumia phone? or the 13MP camera of the sony phone you mentioned? Sure it does not only depend on the pixels count, but to a certain extend it does.

badz1492310d ago


last year's hardware? come on, you're insulting the Androids with that statement. try 2 years back!

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The story is too old to be commented.