iPhone 6 drop-test proves it’s more prone to damage than its predecessors

From the article: "If you are the proud owner of a brand new iPhone 6, you may want to make sure it’s well protected. Priced at around $749 for the 16GB model, the iPhone 6 is not a cheap piece of hardware. The tech junkies over at UBreakIFix have run a cringe-worthy drop test on the new iPhone 6 compared to older iPhone models and found out that the new iPhone 6 is not only more fragile than its predecessors, but it also bends and torques like a piece of rubber when it hits the floor."

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ironfist922307d ago

But but but...its teh iPhone 6!

pompous2307d ago

I know right... LOL.. What's sad is my old phone from 2011 has a higher resolution screen and still has slightly more features than the new iphone6, heck, apple is just now finally adding features every other phone has had for almost 4yrs now. There is no way I'd buy an iphone ever for the simple fact that why would I buy less for the same price or more than the other highend smartphone that still have more features and better specs.

annoyedgamer2307d ago

I told a girl on my profile that the iphone 6 was dated and she was likr bu but it better then my currrrent camerrra. Mi iphone 5 camera is dated

MajorGecko2307d ago

this is not as bad as the iphone6 bending in your pocket lol

annoyedgamer2307d ago

When the fanbase loves the uphone like hellokitty they will gladly shell out for another.

KingPin2302d ago

girl: is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? ;)

guy: its my new iphone 6.

NCAzrael2307d ago

*gasp* Thinner phone is weaker phone! In other news, water is wet and fire is hot.

UltraNova2307d ago

Everybody is on Samsung's ass on their polycarbonate phones but physics cannot be disputed Plastic will always absorb and dissipate shock forces far far far more efficiently than metal (aluminum).

Then comes the screen size factor in action the bigger glass surface you have the more force it will have to take the easier it ill break.

Welcome to the big screen arena Apple.

fr0sty2307d ago

thinner phone is weaker than other equally thin phones. *gasp*

2307d ago
SouthClaw2307d ago

Makes sense instead of having a flat edge that could spread the impact its has a curved (pointed) edge so more impact to a specific point. Plus the fact its thinner just doesn't make it a good thing.

They need to stop with this "thinner is better" thinking. I would prefer the same thickness on an iphone 5 if it meant a much more powerful battery.

fr0sty2307d ago

HTC One M8 is just as thin, doesn't bend or break as easy, and has a battery that lasts 2.5 days. That's feeding a CPU with 2 more cores running 1ghz faster than iphone 6 as well...

pompous2307d ago

You're right it is more durable and it's been out a lil longer than the iphone6 and still has more features with better specs. Apple short changes it's delusional fanbase. My sister can't even transfer her songs of her old iphone to the new one. They want here to pay more money for the songs SHE already OWNS.

cell9892307d ago

what sucks about that awesome HTC ONE M8 (and Im not defending Apple here) is that all those amazing specs in that phone will never be fully utilized thanks to Android apps being developed for over 20,000 devices. optimization is not in the Android dictionary :(

Imagine the tech behind the M8 with a dedicated OS and App store, where devs could fully use its capabilities. I can dream can I?

The camera on the M8 leaves a lot of room for desire, im not falling for that "super pixels" gimmick like the iphone 6 is trying to get away with too

Xperia Z2 FTW

fr0sty2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

i've been quite impressed with its camera. Excellent in low light, great color... 120fps slow mo (the only feature the iphone 6 beats it at, with its 240fps), 1080p60 video, 3 cameras (shoot video and images at once, or front and back at once), dual tone LED... it really is a good camera. maybe not the best, but very good.

Also, android gets around some of that limitation by requiring a certain version of the android OS to run certain apps. that way older phones cannot update to the newer version and therefore the software doesn't have to support hardware that is too far out of date. Not to mention most phones use common components among each other, there isn't a huge diversity of hardware under the hood.

Revvin2307d ago

I still think my iPhone 4 was the best design they ever did. I was worried about it being fragile when I first got it as it was glass front and back but it proved to be more durable than my iPhone 5. I dropped my 5 once and the frame bent and buckled and pushed the glass screen out. I managed to push it back together but it looks bad where as my iPhone 4 was sold like new condition. The black anodised aluminium on my iPhone 5 is heavily marked even though its kept in a flip case in my pocket yet my iPhone 4 went through much worse conditions and looked as good as new.

Thin is nice but the battery is important so like you I'd rather phones stay as they are and shrink the rest of the internals and keep the same case footprint to allow for a bigger battery.

I think my next phone will be the Xperia Z3 - better battery, better camera and an OS that has not stagnated.

cell9892307d ago

dont forget water proof, a feature so underrated. Some of these manufacturers turn a blind eye on this option. But once you have a water proof phone you can never go back to the other kind. #Z2owner

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