First iPhone 6 buyer drops phone during live interview

Nope! It’s not a drop test. Jack took the title of being the first person globally to pick up the iPhone 6 on launch date, but his enthusiasm to show off his newly acquired merch resulted in a case of butter fingers as he accidentally dropped the phone onto the concrete pavement during an interview.

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ironfist922317d ago

I'd have done the same. Harder. Probably stomped on it too.

Ares84HU2317d ago

After spending your hard earned money you would just destroy the phone because you hate apple so much?

You are an idiot!

Blacktric2317d ago

"You are an idiot!"

Says the guy who's incapable of understanding a hyperbolic statement.

annoyedgamer2317d ago

You must be one of those people who goes on YT videos of people drop testing phones and complains about how that could have been put to better use and ending world hunger...

Yi-Long2317d ago

Apple couldn't even spend a couple of bucks on decent packaging. Tragic.

Ares84HU2317d ago


I don't think it was. There is so much hate against Apple and the iPhone 6 especially that even if it was it's hard to tell at this point.


Let's not go overboard here. First of all, I don't even check out drop test videos. Second, yes there would be a better use for it but at least those videos tell people an important thing. In this case the guy just drops his phone because he is clumsy. But having so much hate against a company and a product that you are willing to spend money on it just to destroy it....that is just pure idiocy.

hiredhelp2314d ago

Always hate towords apple even thoe its anerican company yet dont see apple users hating andriod.
Wonder why sniggers

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DevilOgreFish2317d ago

I don't buy things just to break them, and why would you? you would only be making them richer, they don't give money back for your incompetence. in the end they would still be collecting the money.

After you pay for something, what you chose to do with your stuff is not their concern.

GenericNameHere2317d ago

Do both models get Sapphire screens? I thought they were unscratchable?

JamshiJack2317d ago

both have shatter proof glasses, this is unfortunate ...

ssean2272316d ago

Actually neither. Apple went with some other type of screen. Sapphire is only on the camera lens.

Devil-X2317d ago

Kinda awkward that he didn't smash that thing against a wall. :P

mcstorm2317d ago

Haha I could not help but LOL when I watched the video. Feel sorry for the guy and would hate that to happen to me but it is funny.

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The story is too old to be commented.