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iPhone 6 announced: 4.7-inch display, Retina HD resolution, A8 processor

Apple has officially announced its latest iPhone model, the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 will be available in two different sizes, both bigger than Apple's earlier iPhones. Apple has been behind the curve of large-screened smartphones for a long itme, but it's catching up in a big way with the iPhone 6.

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Grap2322d ago

What is up with the crowd clapping after every word, for a single moment i thought they have a stock share in apple.

fr0sty2321d ago

The phone in my pocket beats or matches these specs in every way. I thought iphones were supposed to be state of the art? pfft....

WeedyOne2321d ago

I think we have gotten to the point where phones have enough power, adding more would just shorten the battery life. As long as the experience is smooth and lag free, who cares what specs it has right?

fr0sty2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

My phone (htc one m8) has 2 more cores in its CPU running at a faster clock speed than this chip, and the battery still lasts 2.5 days.

Devil-X2321d ago

I believe the iPhone will just sell because it's an "iPhone".

fr0sty2321d ago

Apple could slap their logo on a turd and hipsters would still line up for it.