Facebook Sees 1 Billion Daily Video Views, New Features Coming Soon

Maximum PC: The world's largest social playground is also becoming a popular hangout to watch videos. According to Fidji Simo, Facebook's Project Management Director of Video, the social network has been averaging over 1 billion video views on a daily basis since June. The majority of those video views are coming across mobile devices -- more than 65 percent, and that number could get higher since video on Facebook was built to be mobile first.

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gunnerforlife2330d ago

Hmm does this include when I'm scrolling down NY news feed and a video automatically starts playing... Talk about wasting my mbs...

Sahil2322d ago

Yeah every day I scroll down my News Feed in Facebook and videos start auto-playing.... that's a trend that needs to stop now and the worst part is Facebook counts it as VOLUNTARY video playing.

Autoplaying Videos should be banned from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Sahil2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

This boost in numbers is because they've forcibly migrated the mobile app from opt-in to opt-out. Very few people are aware that they must disable video autoplay or potentially face severe overage charges.

Sahil2322d ago

I highly doubt over 10 percent of those views were voluntary.