Nvidia GTX 980 Specifications Exposed

The card would be equipped with 2560 CUDA cores, 160 TMU texture units, 64 ROP units and for power dual 6pin power connector is doing the job.
CUDA cores and TMUs are less than GK110 Cores but ROP units increased from the current 32/48 to 64.

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frjoethesecond3377d ago

Sounds like the 680 all over again. GM204 now and GM210 in the TITAN 2.

Tech4Gamers3377d ago

According to previous leaked benchmark Only 10% faster then GTX 780Ti and TDP of 160W.

ProjectVulcan3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Which would be impressive considering the 780ti is a 250w part.

If the second tier die of next gen (aka GM204) is a bit faster than the top tier die of this gen (aka GK110) but using loads less power, then that's a big win.

Because that will mean the next gen big dog will be a monster.

Probably be a while before we see the very largest Maxwell die though, Teslas and mad expensive Titan limited editions first no doubt next year.

frjoethesecond3377d ago

Efficiency is impressive to be fair.

wannabe gamer3377d ago

if thats all then not worth it to me. if i had cash just begging to be spent maybe but not worth the trouble of upgrading when the 780 i have now is fine.

R6ex3371d ago

I'll wait for big Maxwell on GM200 or GM210.

I'm not getting the mid-tier "680" only to be disappointed by the high-end "780".


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