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Google to refund $19 million in kids' in-app purchase case: U.S

Google Inc has agreed to refund at least $19 million to parents who were unfairly billed for charges racked up by children playing video games such as Ice Age Village and Air Penguins on smartphones and tablets.

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Settler2334d ago

I've said it time and time again, kids should not have goddamn smartphones. They are too dumb to use them.

Speed-Racer2332d ago

Are you that lazy that you can't come up with your own comment?

TechImperia2332d ago

^Lol! This is so hilarious.

SilentNegotiator2332d ago

We let our little children have access to something that's attached to our credit card, with no supervision.

Clearly, this is Google's fault. /s

thorstein2332d ago

While I agree with that sentiment, I think this also shows a greater flaw in the system:

Why are major credit card companies allowing charges without any authorization? Certainly little kids on their parent's phone aren't the only ones racking up fraudulent charges on Credit Cards.

Solution: Pin Number every time. Viola!