Watch vegetables get turned into juice with underwater shockwaves

Screw juicing or making kale smoothies, here's the next big trend in what to drink: turning fruit and vegetables into juice with underwater shockwaves. The outside of the vegetable look the same after the explosion but the inside has turned into juice. Just stick a straw in and enjoy.

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Settler2327d ago

Do it with a watermelon :D

aCasualGamer2326d ago

All i was thinking at the end was..


Why is everything being turned in to juice? You have teeth, use them.

ProjectVulcan2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Put your chicken in this, blast it to liquefy the insides and suck it out with a straw.

Perfect meals for senior citizens, every time.

The_Blue2326d ago

Make sure it is seedless.

Devil-X2326d ago

WOW!! This is amazing.

mushroomwig2326d ago

Did he really just drink an onion?