Sony's new smartphone mounted QX1 camera allows for interchangeable lenses

The ILCE-QX1 is a lens camera system that would work with interchangeable E-mount style lenses. This addition to Sony’s portfolio is the first mountable set of lenses that are interchangeable, the previous ones like QX10 and QX100 were fixed-lens only.

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pressjudge2337d ago

No more need for the big DSRL's

fr0sty2336d ago

Except the quality is still crap in comparison to them. The lens does not make the camera, the image sensor is just as important.

Soldierone2336d ago

Too bad my HTC One has the dumb purple tint problem lol

Soldierone2336d ago

Mine didn't until the latest update, it sucks. Anything with shadows is purple. I asked HTC to fix it, they said "yeah sure, it's under warranty still" Then just before saying okay to it they go "Oh we might have to charge you up to $250 dollars for the power button"...... lol (My power button won't spring back out, I didn't even want it fixed)

Whatever, the rest of the phone is awesome so I don't even care lol

fr0sty2334d ago

Thankfully I haven't updated mine.