'Piracy sites don't love music - they love money'

UK Culture Secretary Sajid Javid MP today offered some remarkably strong words in favour of the UK record industry – even telling Google that if it doesn’t “step up and show willing” to tackle piracy, it risks being punished by new laws.

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MWH2339d ago

show me one person on earth who doesn't love money and I will show you a 1000.

bumsick2339d ago

could say the same thing about governments, just replace "music" with "people".

ironfist922339d ago

Pop artists dont love music, they love money too.

Just listen to the trash they release on Radio these days.

Qrphe2339d ago

If they loved music theyd put it up for free to share with everyone

christian hour2338d ago

Exactly :) I love music, I think art should be free and I couldnt sleep at night if I made a penny off of my art. It would completely defeat the point for me. And if I ever did gain popularity I wouldnt charge for my music, it would be as cheap as free. If I was the performing type I'd understand admission charges set up by the venues but I'd still do my best to lower the cost.

Sure this will leave me broke and jobless for the majority of my life but I'd rather be broke and a decent human being, than be money focused and willing to step on people outside of my "circle" for my own gain.

Of course I know this is not a popular view, I get called lazy for thinking like this in fact. I'm far from lazy, I work my butt off for myself every day for the enjoyment of others, money is not important to me. Nor are materialistic posessions. You don't need to make a killing to feed and clothe yourself and get by. Call me a hippy if you want but I dont recognise that label. People put too much focus on wealth and status these days and i feel its detrimental to our advancement in society and as a species.

The_Blue2339d ago

Despite what laws are passed, how many people are sued, people will always find loopholes.