Will ‘Project Ara’ be the only phone you need?

A brand new innovation, which is being led by Motorola, will be brought to life in the coming years. This innovation makes your phone, truly your own phone. Consider this article, not as a review but as an explanation of what ‘Project Ara’ wants to become.

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Devil-X2334d ago

This is awesome, I'm ready to switch.

SouthClaw2333d ago

It is an interesting idea. It will either do amazingly well or amazingly fail. It's a whole new idea so needs to really get some good PR.

DivineHand1252333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

This does sound interesting but it will only appeal to the techie users out there and if the cosmetics doesn't look outstanding compared to the other oem phones, then that market just shrank by eliminating most of the women in it.

Other concerns I have with it is that one of the things that makes building a PC so great is that there are many options/alternative to the parts you want and one of the things that drives that possibility is that none of the components are proprietary. Will Motorola or Google be willing to let third party companies make parts for the device without paying any royalties?

neoragex2331d ago

WOW, I'm in love coz that is a thing of beauty.

ArtificiallyYours2331d ago

The modularity shift is good for the consumer, deep down.

Sure there's always going to be a middle man in the electronics industry, but Ara is letting us have a better way.