First 64-bit Android phone has no 64-bit software

When Apple launched the iPhone 5S with a 64-bit processor, it sent the rest of the spec-obsessed SoC world on a race to catch up. After about a year of lag time, the Android ecosystem has finally started to catch up, with HTC announcing the Desire 510, the first 64-bit Android phone.

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reddevilandy102334d ago

Well, yeah. When Windows XP 64-bit was release, there were very few 64-bit applications too. It will take time.

(Off topic: Although I'm still waiting on Firefox 64-bit. Grrr.)

Speed-Racer2333d ago

Firefox officially canceled a 64 bit version of their browser.

neoragex2330d ago

Same issue with Windows. Apple forced the issue with iOS, yeah? Makes me wonder what MS will do for WP.

Sahil2330d ago

Shouldn't native software be developed before the launch date? I think you were thinking of third-party softwares.

neoragex2330d ago

This would (given they didn't completely screw something up) be a near-perfect budget phone if it weren't for the lack of rear camera flash and notification LED... :/ By which, of course, I mean it has a removable battery and expandable storage.

Sahil2330d ago

True, but it makes no sense that a new platform would need time before native software is even possible. AFAIK no one can do anything with it even if they wanted to on Android.

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