iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 – The next generation

We're pitting together two next generation flagships in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 to see who takes the crown.

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pressjudge2500d ago

From what we know until know it is clear to me that the Galaxy S6 will be a winner, not to mention the cool glassy look.

Devil-X2500d ago

And the rumored all metal design.

Minimoth2500d ago

And the curved glass display, that sounds awesome

gamernova2499d ago

Honestly, I have the galaxy too many chances. I waited for the metal forever. Their bloatware is annoying too. It is time I gave the iPhone a shot.

mcstorm2499d ago

If you want a metal phone look at the htc one m8 or htc one m8 for windows phone. The hardware is great. the camera is not bad too and it also feels amazing but the choice of os is a personal one for me I prefer windows phone just because it fits my needs better but they are both good os's.

For me now though the phone market has become less and less exciting over the last few years as designs have been the same yoy and nothing has changed too much in the os's too.

gamernova2499d ago

Yeah, my nephew has the htc one and it does look really sharp but I think that galaxy left a nasty taste in my mouth when it comes to android.

Windows phone would be my pick if it were not for the limited app store. I am sure it will get better with time but I don't want to go from the robust Google Play to the not so robust windows store.

I am not going to lie, Apple is not perfect either. I just feel since the device is popular, it facilitates the invasion of our privacy and I heard rumors of a possible kill switch on the devices...It's tough. I guess it really depends on what it looks like and if jailbreaking works to block some of the dumb stuff.

mcstorm2499d ago

Ive not had an issue finding an app in the windows phone store it seems to have everything I need and my other half needs too. The only thing it is lacking from what I can see is some of the newer games ios and android have and betting apps but I don't use any of them and found everything else I need.

Like I say its personal choice. Ive owned most os's on the market and found windows phone fits me the best. None are perfect but all have plus and minus points.

LOL_WUT2499d ago

iPhone 6 hands down consumer friendly, easy to use device and a great design that has been a benchmark for smartphones everywhere. ;)

Speed-Racer2499d ago

How can it be all those things you said when it isn't even out yet?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Have you heard the rumored specs of the iPhone 6, it's garbage dual core 2 ghz 1 gb of ram no water proofing prob mediocre camera only cool thing is possible sapphire glass screens. iPhones are overpriced averaged pieces of crap. I would know have a iPhone 5 and had iPhone 4 next phone will be android for sure.

Apple setting benchmarks my ass, In the specs department apple doesn't even try to compete with android anymore it's absolutely sad really. Hope android eclipses apple.

thecowsaysmoo2499d ago

iPhone 6 for sure. Easy to use, best Apps, no lag. I just hope that Apple has more than 1gb of ram this time.

1nsomniac2499d ago

Until any other platform can at least rival iOS I'm afraid I'm going to have to stick with the iPhone despite me hating Apple & their pretentious & uninspiring, egotistical attitude!

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The story is too old to be commented.