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HTC One Windows Phone front and back, now in high resolution

Neowin: HTC is working on a new Windows Phone that will be headed to Verizon and now we have views of both sides of the device. The phone, the M8 running Windows Phone, is using the same chassis as the HTC One and looks like a winner on all accounts as it keeps the brushed aluminum look of the Android version of this device.

JamshiJack3394d ago

Would really love to check this one if this is true.. and the device really looks nice with the tiled UI

dunnyone3394d ago

HTC will have to try hard to win me over...

sergons3393d ago

yeah, especially the price... I just wondering when will people stop buy that overpriced plastic crap.

JamshiJack3393d ago

agree with you, this one is certainly worth getting, especially for its premium design and aluminum unibody... not need to mention the high-end specs ....


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