Never Plug In USB Wrong Again With The New Finalized Design of USB 3.0

After months of deliberation, testing and scrutiny, USB 3.0 is about the undergo its first major redesign since inception. We will no longer be able to plug in a USB drive improperly again.

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JoeIsMad2495d ago

Agreed. I was REALLY tired of trying to plug in the USB outlets three times, every time. [Yes, I know there are only two ways to try.]

reddevilandy102495d ago

The real mark of a good day was getting it right the first time!

JoeIsMad2495d ago

I think that the true mark of a good day is having people turn their own computers off and back on again. #TechSupportProblems

brianparker2495d ago

Nice news :)I'm glad for the info

JoeIsMad2495d ago

Always a pleasure to bring it your way. This is probably the biggest news in 10 years for cabling, making everything universal once and for all. [for now]

Stevefantisy2495d ago

Such a small thing to relive a large headache

ChrisW2495d ago

I blame Apple for patenting the technology and hampering others from creating similar styles.

*Baseless accusation

Devil-X2495d ago

Finally some relief from a very irritating little thing.

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