4G LTE showdown: How fast is your carrier?

From one-upping each other on shared data plans to helping customers pen breakup letters, competition among the US' four major carriers -- AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile -- is reaching new heights of aggression. But one thing we often hear from these mobile carriers is how "good" their 4G LTE networks are.

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ajax173147d ago

Bottom line is, don't get Sprint.

kevinsheeks3147d ago

Lmao I came here just to see if sprint would be mentioned lol

slinky1234563146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Comes down to actually what area you're in. Where I am at Verizon Dominates while Tmobile has horrible service, AT&T is just decent, Sprint is 2nd though.

In Tucson where I frequent a lot where my brother is, he is switching to Sprint because they dominate there and Verizon sucks. I hate going up there with horrible phone service on Verizon.

So really it's completely dependent on your city. I'm talking about all companies LTE service too.

cell9893146d ago

where Im at 91730, ATT is pretty damn good. and Tmobile aint that great. My friend has Verizon and when we're at the movies his phone wont get jack $*** of service lol