Shipyard workers get super strength from robotic suit

It’s not exactly a Crysis nanosuit, but workers in a shipyard in South Korea have been given a robotic suit, giving them super human lifting powers

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Tzuno3107d ago Show
Cryptcuzz3107d ago

Even though many can lift 30 kg with ease, now do that constantly for 8 to 10 hours a day and say its easy.

The whole point of the robotic suit is to help ease the strain that is put on shipyard workers on a daily basis.

cell9893107d ago

I'm more interested in how the military is applying this tech in their repertoire

Cryptcuzz3107d ago

Yeah me too. Idk about elsewhere, but u know the U.S is apparently building an exo suit for their military.

wannabe gamer3107d ago

lol his arms arent even powered/assisted. its justa fansy harness with legg supports and a magnet to help carry metal objects. its just dangling there and he is steadying it with his hands. if anything the weight is on his leg supports but that harness looks really uncomfortable and tight