10 Unbelievable Secret Places Google Earth Doesn’t Want You To See

WC - National secrets, shady government areas and southern fried chicken: all of these and more have been edited out of existence.

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-Mezzo-2513d ago

I never knew Google blurred stuff out like this, i wonder why.

iamnsuperman2513d ago

Usually because of government pressure for various reasons like military bases (usually the special ones) or specific defense/research centres. Google has basically publicised where these bases are. By blurring them you just don't know what is inside them

blue_cheese2513d ago

correct. its treated like digital fence to keep lookers out, but in reality these governments aren't putting out anything all that secretive out in the open, they just want Google to know the boundaries as well as the comfort of knowing the average joe can't can't updated satellite images of government property they don't have access to.

blue_cheese2513d ago

what about it? all the good stuff at Area 51 is underground lol.

ChozenWoan2513d ago

No, all the good stuff has been moved to Warehouse 14 or sent offworld to the Alpha site via the Stargate.