Ebola Virus Is Outpacing Efforts to Control It, World Health Body Warns

In an ominous warning as fatalities mounted in West Africa from the worst known outbreak of the Ebola virus, the head of the World Health Organization said on Friday that the disease was moving faster than efforts to curb it, with potentially catastrophic consequences, including a “high risk” that it will spread.

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ajax172073d ago

Pretty scary stuff. I can't imagine a worse virus you can contract.

ironfist922072d ago

Bubonic Plague...

and that was found in china last week

ajax172072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Bubonic plague is caused by bacteria though. I meant as far as viruses go ebola seems like it's one of the worst ones.

TechImperia2073d ago

i think government should take more serious steps to stop this menace

SilentNegotiator2072d ago

And they just had to bring that infected doctor back to the US. If the disease spreads here, we had better make heads roll for that dumb move.

Pyro2000x2072d ago

I agree they should have left those doctors over there damn it this sucks

Dasteru2072d ago

It was actually 2 doctors and both were secured in transportable bio tents the entire time. Also, Ebola only spreads through direct contact with body fluids, it is not airborne. The risk of it spreading is very very slim.

SilentNegotiator2072d ago

Not slim enough to keep TWO doctors from contracting it. No matter how sophisticated the containment equipment is, it's still a risk bringing them over; only one person has to catch it and spread it while it's in incubation for it to create another outbreak.

amiga-man2072d ago

I think the least people should offer the doctors going out there tackling the problem is the best care possible, all precautions I'm sure were taken and the risks to any other country is far far more likely to come from the average person travelling abroad.

I't is a horrible virus and needs to be taken seriously but panic and scaremongering won't help.

SilentNegotiator2072d ago

I'm just saying that transporting a person infected with a disease with an incredibly high mortality rate isn't a great idea.

Send the equipment to treat them TO THE COUNTRY THAT NEEDS IT; then they can treat the doctors and hundreds more. That makes a LOT more sense than sending someone to an uninfected country.

amiga-man2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

SilentNegotiater I'm not trying to start an argument, decisions have to be made and we can argue the rights and wrongs of bringing them home.

Morally in my mind we have an obligation to bring them back, we need expertise out there to solve this far more than equipment and as I have pointed out the real danger is from the average person travelling not bringing two doctors back under quarantine conditions.

On a side note you do Realise America already keeps the most deadly diseases in labs (including Ebola) to study?

Qrphe2072d ago

Just don't go make out with them since the virus is, you know, not airborne.

SilentNegotiator2072d ago

It's not like the (upwards of) 800 people now dead had an orgy. Obviously the disease doesn't have that much trouble spreading around.

TechImperia2072d ago

I think they didn't even give a thought to this

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The story is too old to be commented.