The 40 Startups Marissa Mayer Has Acquired (And Killed) At Yahoo

Yahoo confirmed the acquisition of Flurry last month, making it the company’s 41st acquisition since Marissa Mayer become CEO of Yahoo two year ago.

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo has undergone tremendous changes and just when we thought the company was trying to streamline its path by shutting down 12 services in September 2013, it has added 41 start-ups to its collections.

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proudly_X3104d ago

I remember that epic article on BusinessInsder "Marissa Mayer: Destroyer Of Startups." It was an eye opener.

ajax173104d ago

40 and the only one I've heard of is tumblr.

SilentNegotiator3103d ago

Sounds like a complete waste of money.

Soldierone3103d ago

This is why I find it dumb when Yahoo takes over anything. Almost every week they are shutting down a perfectly fine service, then turn around and buy more..... why?

RedSky3103d ago

Usually they're just buying the company to acquire the staff. But yes, sometimes they shut down good services. Then again good services aren't necessarily profitable services from their point of view.

Cryptcuzz3103d ago

Way too much power for one CEO on a spending spree. She's very attractive as well.