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Is Chrome about to swing the knockout punch at Firefox?

Jack Wallen ponders the fate of a Firefox browsing in a fight to the finish with Chrome.

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GameSpawn2696d ago

Nope. Firefox has its place. The problem with thinking Chrome is being used more than Firefox is the Chrome-use is getting counted with all the Android devices. The is all good and fine as long as you acknowledge that and don't assume these are ALL desktop browser use statistics. There are a ton of cheap phones out there running Android (that will most likely be replaced in a year or two anyway) that you have no choice BUT to use Chrome as it is the only browser that will work for anything on the device.

If there was a way to segregate the metrics between phones, tablets, and desktops/laptops you would probably see a more even split between Chrome and Firefox on the desktop end of things and an overwhelming number of Chrome users on phones and tablets.