Microsoft's problems at Best Buy Windows stores

Microsoft had a major issue in the way their products were displayed in retail stores before their recent expansion with dedicated Microsoft stores. Physical Microsoft retail stores have really helped Microsoft in connecting with the consumer face to face. They’re fantastic showrooms for Microsoft products, and the sales staff couldn’t be better. However, there aren’t many Microsoft stores around, and their rate of expansion is too slow to overcome their retail short-comings. Microsoft looked to further expand their retail presence by building 600 dedicated Best Buy showrooms, called the “Windows Store”. However, it doesn’t seem to be helping their situation as much as they would hope.

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sandysea3606d ago

Yeah I have to say I avoid best buy for Microsoft products. Unless its something small or a video game. They're warranty pricing is super high for surface products and Microsoft offers it for virtually nothing. But its still nice to have a windows store there. It certainly helps with the image of the brand.

marvin093606d ago

When I was buying my Surface pro 2 the experience in BestBuy was horrible - MS had a big showroom but barely any staff and when someone came by they would have NO clue about the surface. I just went to MS store but most other people would probably have gone with an iPad...pretty sad

Soldierone3606d ago

I only like Bestbuy because its the only dedicated electronics store in my area. Well them and Frys Electronics a couple miles away (which is WAY better so it's worth the drive)

However in these terms they start lacking. It's like asking Wal-Mart for help, it doesn't exist. They also heavily favor Apple crap with any question you have. Even when buying a camera they wanted to show me some Apple computer and I was just like "no, I use PC" and they kept trying to say why I shouldn't haha


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