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Best Budget Graphics Cards to Buy Under $150

PC Gaming is very expensive and many people have tight budgets. Well, if I say, if you know how to spend, you can get an awesome gaming PC for a very little budget. And this article is the part 2 of my previous post. So, we'll show you some new GPUs to buy in this budget, so without further ado, lets get started. We'll show you from low end to high end GPUs in this budget.

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TechImperia2708d ago

150buck that's not the idea of budgeted that I have in my mind

LordPotato2708d ago

So What budget do you have in your mind ? :D

ABizzel12708d ago

Well they have multiple cards ranging from $50 - $150, so a quick read would help, although I'm not a fan of buying bottom end $50 GPUs and IMO you're better off simply getting an APU

At $150 you're looking at a R9 270 from AMD and a GTX 660 from NVIDIA. Both of these are great cards for the price. (Recommended Rez 1080p @ High Settings)

If you're looking for the best bang for you buck, HD 7850 2GB (pretty much PS4) cards can sometimes be found for $100. Otherwise the you're looking at the HD 7790 (pretty much XBO). (Recommended Rez 900p @ Medium Settings)

For $75 range the R7 250 takes it with the GT 640 being the NVIDIA equivalent. (Recommended Rez 720p @ Low Settings)

Again I'm not a fan of the micro budget cards, but for $50 you can find an HD 6670 which is actually a great card for the price. (Recommended Rez 720p @ Low Settings)

Otherwise everything else is a STEEP drop in performance, and you'r better off with a Trinity ($100 = R7 240), Richland ($130 = 6670), or Kaveri APU ($160 = R7 250) but covers your CPU (basically an FX 4300) as well as GPU.

SilentNegotiator2708d ago

Well unfortunately, anything below $100 is pretty much a waste of time.

Trunkz Jr2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

You can get these cards even cheaper than listed if you
look around hard enough, not to mention many people sell their cards so they can upgrade to a better one.

LordPotato2707d ago

Man that's true. But the writer is telling us the price, that is available on the retailers. To get these products cheaper, you have to do some research :p