5 major Bugs found in Android L Preview

A couple of bugs and errors have already been found in the Android L Developer version. Read the article to know more about this.

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umarsrao3197d ago

We know that it is a beta version of the upcoming Android L and that's why it has some errors and bugs. Assuming that all these bugs will be gone once the final consumer version is released, what do you think about 'L'?

Speed-Racer3197d ago

So you write an article criticizing the bugs of a beta?

umarsrao3197d ago

No, it was just to let people who want to get the preview version know that they should wait because there are some serious bugs. I mean it will be hard to use your nexus 5 as a daily driver with Android L beta installed.

TechImperia3196d ago

Nobody care we are waiting for final version for general use.

umarsrao3195d ago

Well, but developers care!