SugarSync Simplifies Desktop App, Offers New Users 75 Percent Discount

Maximum PC: SugarSync lost a portion of its fan base when it decided to cease offering a free tier in favor of paid-only subscriptions. Since then, we haven't heard a whole lot from SugarSync, until today. SugarSync just retooled its desktop application to make it easier to use and more powerful than before, beginning with one-click access to folders, devices, and shared files, the company said.

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neoragex2712d ago

It's hard to see this as competitive when MS just announced a
100 GB/year for only $2/month.

Sahil2711d ago

It looks like the reviews and FAQ section shows that SugarSync is going to take a serious hit for releasing an unfinished product with a lot of great plans. They took a working, well like product and turned it into early adoption-ware where all of the features you know and love are now "coming soon!" instead of usable features. Look at the customer FAQ's they're all complaining about features they know and love that some offshore dev. team is promising "soon!" Really? What a bad move by the execs.