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A $1300 Selfie Camera

Casio EX-TR35 is a camera made specifically for taking selfie. This selfie camera would cost you around $1300 (USD).

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umarsrao3020d ago

I personally would never buy this camera for $1300. That's a really high price tag for such a camera.

Coolhand0073020d ago

It's nuts, and just as bad as those platinum and gold dipped smartphones and tabs. Definitely not something the general public is after..

mohsin25963020d ago

Specially when you can buy a great DSLR in that price.

snoop_dizzle3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Considering most selfies are uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., this is really silly. They horribly compress pictures when you upload them to begin with. Even if they didn't, this is silly.

If you want something smaller than a DSLR but of good quality, a micro four thirds camera and lens(es) would be ideal. Not to mention you would be able to use it for good pictures of everything else as well.

mohsin25963020d ago

Or you could buy a good smartphone ... Like a HTC one m8. Would cost around 800 dollars unlocked and comes with a fantastic front facing camera. 12mp is useless for selfies.

snoop_dizzle3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I figured that went without saying since most people who would do this likely already own a smartphone. This or another camera would likely be an accessory to your smartphone.

mohsin25963020d ago

I guess I would agree on that. Tech like these are mostly targeted to the rich ... so they might actually not care how much it costs.

neoragex3015d ago

A real treat for selfie lovers.