Physicists finally explain why your earphones are always tangled

There are few day-to-day events that send me into a rage as quickly as a pair of tangled earphones. As soon as I put them down, they somehow thread themselves into an unholy mess.

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Sketchy_Galore2208d ago

Pretty fascinating stuff. Now explain why there's always someone in the bathroom when I need to take a leak.

neoragex2201d ago

I've wondered about this for years. Still more dazzled than illuminated.

Sahil2200d ago

Storing wires, garden hoses and such in a figure-8 winding pattern instead of a circular one goes a long way to avoiding tangles because it limits the amount of crossing that can happen. Of course if the disruption is enough to destroy the figure-8 shape, then you're in trouble again. With thick objects (like garden hoses) using a figure-8 storage pattern also avoids twisting around the axis parallel to the hose which helps to avoid writhing and (in the case of garden hoses) kinking.

neoragex2200d ago

As I read this article, I knew it would eventually be ridiculed by some humorless old fart (probably in a cowboy hat) who had no appreciation for research for research's sake. I was amazed at the immediate realization of my prediction.

neoragex2200d ago

Agree completely. Sometimes it's a random, personal event that ignites a flicker of imagination which then cascades into a larger quandary and becomes an insufferable mental itch that must be scratched. Regardless of how they came about the idea to test the theory, there very well could be practical information provided in these types of tests.

Sahil2200d ago

You missed the entire point of the research. It was not about headphones - that was a "grabber" to get attention. This type of research would seem to have a myriad of uses in many industries.

Sahil2200d ago

Whilst these people were waiting for P to approach 100% and counting prime knots, I'd detangled my earphones and moved on to more pressing issues.