Digital Media Influencers Under 30 Dominating The Digital World

The digital world has taken a whole new dimension and it’s the youngsters who are really pushing themselves to extreme, breaking boundaries and leaving no room for complacency. Many have turned the digital media space into corporate organization where they rack in millions of dollars annually.

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SilentNegotiator3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

The guys straight out of college were taught about the current most fashionable trends every step of the way and thus are more competitive. Digital media changes fast. Those rich 20 somethings had better invest well; I doubt they'll have the same edge in their 30s when the new 20 somethings come in to "break barriers" with perspectives they were given.

Speed-Racer3157d ago

I don't know any of these people except Marques and PewPewDie.

Enate3156d ago

Yea I know of PewPewDie but I don't watch him. I was subbed to Marques forever ago like when he wasn't even remotely popular.