iPhone 6 seen fully assembled and compared to iPhone 5s in new leak

On Weibo, user dreamerJimmy has posted more shots of the supposed iPhone 6 design, which has shown up in photos time and time again in recent weeks. The new images are of reasonable quality, though and indicate how the larger phone would compare physically with the current iPhone 5s. The user has a good reputation for leaks, posting accurate images of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c months before their unveiling.

UltraNova3388d ago

IMO it looks like any other iphone out there, meaning over-simplistic and over-restrictive OS environment, over-hyped and last but not least over-priced.

Speed-Racer3388d ago

Looks like they took a step back in the design department.

Devil-X3388d ago

Yeah, looks like they tried hard to make it look like the HTC M8, but failed. Anyway my personal favourite in the design department is the new xperia lineup in which almost each of the phone was nominated for red dot design award and won it too.

ZILLA3388d ago

Looks like the new htc M8!hey apple,your late to the party👎

Ares84HU3388d ago

I hope that this isn't the final design. It looks ugly.

Blasphemy3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

@ultranova what exactly are you expecting from the phone?

i like the way it looks it looks just like a 5s only bigger.

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Speed-Racer2100d ago

Sometimes Apple loses sight of what they think consumers want versus what we really want.

SSmoke2100d ago

I was on the fence about the Iphone8 or the new Samsung but that new Galaxy is looking damn good right now... peace apple!

MaxedOutGamer2100d ago

This is more Apple BS. When Apple launches a phone, they try to get as much sales as possible, even at the expense of their own customer base. A new iphone is released and suddenly your phone starts working like crap, obviously it makes the new iphone more appealing. They've been doing this since the original iphone. Funny how this isn't a problem for any other phone manufacturer.

supermonkeyfox2099d ago

I think it's more that continually evolving software updates bloat and eventually render the device sluggish. New code is written to take advantage of new hardware, at the expense of owners of the older models.

KingPin2099d ago

so then why even bother updating the older hardware if thats the case. i mean, its not like the older OS is not safe or unstable so why the need to update it. everything works just fine as is. ever heard if it aint broke.....

blacktiger2099d ago

Corporation are for themself. Time for decentralization!


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