With the Surface Pro 3 around, why would anyone buy a MacBook Air?

Apple’s MacBook Air launched in 2008 and it was indeed a revolutionary design, for that time. There was nothing else on the market that was as beautiful, thin and light. It offered amazing portability, and started a new trend in laptop design. Apple’s MacBook Air was a design icon for its time. It has taken quite a while for PC OEMs to respond to the MacBook Air, as it wasn’t until 2012 that they started to make devices with similar form-factors called “Ultrabooks”. However, all of these devices are traditional “clamshell” style laptops which have not advanced much other than performance improvements.

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quenomamen2996d ago

Oooh I don't know maybe something to do with not being to read a simple email even from people you know without taking NSA level counter measure. The weakness in Windows PCs is not the hardware even though done of it is kinda crappy, it's the OS and how you much of a target it is by hackers, thieves and other bad guys., Funny how we're supposed to put up with this crap when it comes to PCs but if other things we use daily had the same issues we would not put up with it.

If our cars, TVs, phones, washing machines suffered from the same problems would we be wrong in wanting something that is LESS probe to those problems ? Notice i said LESS, cuz Macs are still just PCs that can be hacked. I've been using a Mac since 1998 and have had 2 instances with a virus,malware,etc and iv'e been on every kind of " seedy " site twice. I would gladly pay the $500+ extra above an equal PC for a Mac knowing I can read an email from a family member without jumping through hurdles. But call me crazy.