Yahoo plots YouTube Rival for summer debut after delay

TechFrag - "Yahoo has been aiming to launch a video service that would become rival to our beloved YouTube later on this summer, according to what Ad Age has reported."

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rattlesnake_9061849d ago

Hoping it to be bugs free and quick as a snap!

segmentnext1849d ago

Let's see how this turns out.

SilentNegotiator1848d ago

As glad as I am to see competition for the ever deteriorating Youtube, I'm not sure Yahoo are the ones to do it.

Chapter111848d ago

Imagine the community of Youtube and Yahoo. Now imagine the community of a Yahoo video service. *cringes*

Vames1848d ago

Please the powers that be, let this happen. I've already removed from my life several Google services, YouTube is the last one.

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