Jobs Vs Zuckerberg: Who is a better entrepreneur ?

Who is a better entrepreneur ? Is it the geeky, hot-headed Jobs or is it the clever, cool-headed Zuckerberg ?

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prodigy10113232d ago

According to me, Zuckerberg is more of an entrepreneur than Jobs who is more like a tech person and lack awesome entrepreneurship skills

iamnsuperman3232d ago

I agree. Zuckerberg is need who built a good social media platform. But since then he has taken Facebook into something more. It seems Facebook is becoming less social orientated and more entrepreneurial.

Jobs was different. He saw a gap and filled it. But didn't venture outside the geeky side

TechImperia3232d ago

jobs it is, he worked his way up... zuck just got lucky at the right time

prodigy10113231d ago

No... Jobs is strong when it comes to technology but weak when you talk about entrepreneurship skills...

TechImperia3231d ago

Yeah, probably jobs's lack of entrepreneurship skills was the reason behind saving the company from bankruptcy...

Speed-Racer3231d ago

Really? Because from what I recall, everything Jobs made was already on the market in some form. He just found a way to repackage them to make you seem like you need it.

Speed-Racer3232d ago

Jobs is a marketing shill, recycling old ideas into new ones. Zuckerburg had everything under the hood. I may not like his style but he had the management skill and was the brains behind building his operations.

Dasteru3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Zuckerberg by far. Jobs was a douchebag that got lucky once then continually abused the legal system to sue his way to further success. Apple still to this day hasn't "invented" anything. They are the biggest thieves and patent trolls since Edison.