RIP Flash: Why HTML5 will finally take over video and the Web this year

Cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and … Flash. All three of these mediums need a player to work, and all three mediums are either dead or dying. Just as CDs replaced tapes as a more efficient means of playing music, and digital files replaced CDs to do the same, HTML5 is making Flash obsolete.

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SnakeCQC2693d ago

is it me or do html 5 videos on youtube all look washed out

TechImperia2692d ago

may be its you only, you can consider watching in 1080p.

SnakeCQC2692d ago

I do and I'm using a 2k samsung pls monitor but why would resolution have anything to do with washed out colours?

SilentNegotiator2691d ago

I get that feeling, too. The HTML5 players always seem to look significantly worse.

jairusmonillas2691d ago

not yet, there's still alot of stuffs that only flash can do.

TechImperia2691d ago

may be you are right, but lets see what the future has stored in it,

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