How smartphone battery life will soon be measured in weeks, not hours

Battery life is the last major hurdle for smartphones to overcome, but a major breakthrough could be just around the corner. Could we soon get days or maybe even weeks of playtime between charges?

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Settler2445d ago

I would be more happier, if I could get more than one day from my smartphone :P

gizmig2445d ago

I will be much much more happier too. Will not have to charge my phone every day.

Devil-X2445d ago

At least i guess you don't have to charge twice or thrice a day like me.

mushroomwig2444d ago

What kind of phones do you guys have that need charging every day? It must be just me but my phone can go about 3 days without a charge, maybe because I'm not constantly on it.

LoneWolf0192444d ago

Lol ya right, ill believe this when i see it.