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Google Blocks Demonoid for Spreading Malicious Software

In one of the harshest moves a search engine can take against a site, during the past few hours Google flagged torrent site Demonoid as likely to harm users' computers. After arriving at the conclusion that malicious third-party ads had caused the problem, Demonoid responded by disabling every single advert on its site until further notice.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2446d ago

I saw that it was being blocked and I was like wtf.

Speed-Racer2446d ago

Ad banners are usually the cause of this. When you operate sites like these, you can't run ads from reputable exchanges like Adsense, Rubicon, etc.

MasterD9192446d ago

Torrent sites are infamous for these type of problems.

Lionsguard2446d ago

I had no idea Demonoid was even back.