Man Drives Tesla From NYC To Miami Without Spending A Cent

Normally, road trips cost a pretty penny, but one man recently proved that it's possible to drive from New York to Miami without spending a dime.

Michael Fritts, from Herkimer, New York, drove nearly 2,600 miles in his Tesla Motors Model S, an electric car that uses no gas, and re-charged his vehicle for free at 10 charging stations along the way, WKTV reports. The former truck driver left his wallet at home and set off for his road trip with a trunk full of food, vowing not to spend a cent.

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Devil-X2454d ago

I would not risk leaving the wallet home in any situation.

Software_Lover2454d ago

I want this car so bad. They have a nice SUV coming out also.

gizmig2454d ago

I am a big fan of SUV cars too. Hope I have one soon.

Satish132454d ago

Model S is due for AWD later this year to, I really want this as well. just to feel that full torque continuous acceleration would be awesome!