Will the PS4 survive without Sony?

Sony is delighted due to PlayStation’s performance recently, with the PS4 selling more than 7 million consoles worldwide since its launch last year. However, it is a completely different story for Sony.

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JustPlay43692d ago

If Sony sold ps it would die a painful death, which would be really sad, I not sure I would buy anything ps again if that happened.

s45gr323692d ago

I am not sure where did the article got its sources so I will take this article with a huge grain of salt.

sonic9893691d ago

Sony is going through a restructure Most companies went through these times and i dont think a company like Sony with huge experience to go out of business .
its the biggest Japanese technology company , i would be a little afraid about microsoft because they lack the experience they always been successful never faced tough times like lets say apple , IBM and other companies

Cueil3691d ago

no this is Sony 3rd (at least the second) restructuring if I'm not mistaken... they are at the point where most companies who restructure start showing signs of full recovery. I'd search for the article that talks about that, but right now getting ready for work

sonic9893691d ago

i am Sorry man but this is the real deal .
you confused lay offs with restructuring yes they had layoffs in the past but restructuring means getting into or dropping from businesses and this is their first restructure and it seems to take the solgan of one united Sony where all departments help each other

Pogmathoin3691d ago

You never thought there would be an alternative to a windows PC, Internet Explorer and many other things.... These companies took it for granted they would always be there...... Look at Blackberry too, they owned the business market. Sony took the Sony name for granted too, assuming people would not even look at other brands. By the time they realised what was happening, they were demolished. Couple that with the world recession, which hit Japan and the Yen really hard, was like a perfect storm. Its bitter sweet that when people now think of Sony, they think Playstation, nothing else really, apart from those diehards here who claim to buy everything Sony.

Cueil3690d ago

look people... if you want to keep your heads in the sand that's fine. I understand with your favorite company floundering for the past decade that you would want to look at only the positive light. They didn't hire a foreigner to take over their company for sheets and giggles. Sony should be on it's way to profitability and that's not happened yet. Then they moved Kaz up because he was able to turn around the floundering PS3 into a successful business and where hoping he would be able to do the same thing with the rest of Sony. Things are not going as planned.

jdiggitty3691d ago

Looks like their film and tv divisions continue to post loss after loss.

gunnerforlife3691d ago

So the company that's losing money is going to sell one of their most profitable devisions... Are you ok?

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