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Yahoo is the latest company ignoring Web users’ requests for privacy

Yahoo yesterday announced that it will stop complying with Do Not Track signals that Web browsers send on behalf of users who wish to not be monitored for advertising purposes.

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KingPin2705d ago

ghostery and disconnect add-ons to the rescue.

Devil-X2705d ago

Does nobody cares about lazy people??

KingPin2705d ago

how lazy could people be that doing a 3 click installation be...if people are that lazy, they deserve to be tracked.

think about it, if you so concerned about something, wouldn't you do your very best to get the best possible result?

Speed-Racer2704d ago

I should point out that a number of major sites still don't adhere to this other than Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are much more but people are just trying to spin Yahoo in a negative light given their already bad reputation while forgetting that other brands are doing the same.

Dasteru2704d ago

This is why i do not utilize optional compliance measures like DNT. I force block them from tracking me.