Microsoft clarifies workarounds for IE zero day

Microsoft has updated their advisory for the recently-revealed zero day vulnerability in Internet Explorer to clarify workarounds.

The vulnerability, disclosed over the weekend, affects all versions of Internet Explorer, but the attacks observed in the wild affect only versions 9, 10 and 11. The vulnerability uses Adobe Flash as a vector.

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Spiewie 3029d ago

Do people use Internet Explorer?

gizmig3029d ago

I do work on Chrome and Firefox mostly. But sometimes have to use IE too when it comes to develop a website compatible to different browsers.

mcstorm3027d ago

I still use it as have the lest issues with IE over the other browsers ive tried. Plus I have a Windows Phone with 8.1 and a Surface 2 RT so using IE has more advantages over the other browsers for me.

TechImperia3029d ago

not me any more i prefer chrome

iSpy3028d ago

What can I say! DO NOT USE IE!